Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer and birthday

Celebrated my 21st birthday few days ago~
can't believe i am 21 years old now!!

I have a very great birthday and i really thanks those people 
that wished or gave me present..
It's a very special birthday for me because this is the first time I spent my 
birthday overseas!

So surprise when i received a gift from my babes~~
they didnt tell me they send me a bag n i did a lot of stupid things 
because of this ><"
hehe~thanks anyway~~so touch~~^^

Had my birthday meal last night , which i went to Dublin just to eat din sum..
especially egg tart...
5 euro just for 2 egg tart ~~
so expensive~~
but I miss it so much so i had to eat it!! XD

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Holiday

Went to Galway for two days and it's exhausted!
sit inside the car at least 9 hours for the whole trip.
haha~~but i am not the one who should complain because i am not driving~
But it's a nice trip and I really enjoy it.

still have 5 weeks for this semester and year 2 is going to end..
Time flies...
still havent decided what to do in summer.
3 MONTHS!! and i am not going back.

need to focus on my final exam so just plan after final~~
but i think i am going to spain and france!!
Looking forward to my summer!! XD

Friday, February 22, 2013

Long time

It's been a long time since i wrote the last post...

the most memorable things in the starting of 2013 is the italy trip!!
went to a lot of places in one week~~
exhausted because walk for whole day in that week!

The most unforgettable moment when i went inside the building
Cant imagine how the people build all the things inside
It's too beautiful
but the most annoying thing is those black guy in front the building keep asking me to buy this n buy that
i wish i can yell at they n said "BACK OFF!!" (just joking~~ XD)

the mouth of truth
still remember when i was young i like to play this machine in all the shopping centre just to 
check all the machine said the same thing about me@@
Cant believe that i finally go the first mouth of truth in the world
spent 0.50 euro to take picture with it~totally worth!!

always c it in movie n finally this time i can c with my eyes!!
i wished i can spent all the at there just looking at it
but i did make a lot of wish when i was there XD

Rome-Colleseum 竞技场
Well....i only knew this place when i studied history
but if i dont go this place i cant said i been to Rome !!^^
did some crazy thing with my friend here~~

Just stayed here for few hours after i went to the outlet
almost lost my mind n bought a PRADA bag but fortunately i didnt did that..
if i bought that bag maybe i am trapped in italy now n cant even go back ~XD

miss that time so much~~
ate ice cream everyday when i was in italy!!
it's too delicious!!
hahahaha....suddenly remember one thing!!
A  waitress give me a note n wrote "Hi,cute long hair^^ " on cute~~XD

Most important things i learnt from this trip:
don't go vacation with bunch of ppl because it might end up with fight
this is because all of us were too tired n in such bad temper
so next time i will just go with 2 or 3 people...

went for a drink to celebrate my friend 21st birthday!!

I even organized a party for her!! had a great day that night! XD

I had a happy valentine day~~ Thanks so muchh!!

Finally come to the end~
everything seems so well recently
not because of what
is just because i started to live my life
I cant do anything to stop rumor because whatever i did they will just judge
so i chose to turn around
it make me easier n i dont have to waste any energy
always tell myself to think positive!!
hope all my friends and family have a happy life

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Is christmas!!!
Can't believe 2013 is coming soon~~~
juz back from a party n damn tired now~~
Anyway~~ Marry christmas everyone!!!

Feel so energetic and happy everytime i see those thing u guys write to me~~
BFF!! ^^

Monday, November 12, 2012


Is week 6/7 for the college tis week~~
time flies~~=="
my mood very unstable recently~~
sometimes very happy n sometimes feel moody~~
so many exam n assignment ~~

Planning for the trip to Italy~~
going to buy the flight ticket tomorrow~~
looking forward for the trip!!
Milan and Rome!!!

My father suddenly send so many weird message for me~~
said sorry and bla bla bla~~
made me feel so strange~~
wad dear ~~ love u~~ miss u~~
feel like a stranger talking with me
ok~~i didnt means i hate him or wad~~
I actually quite respect him~~
just cant get used to the way he talking with me nowadys~~
But i think our relationship maybe can become closer tis time?? hope so too~~

sorry for not updating my blog so long time ~~><"
too many activity ~~ hehe~~
some photo from 2 different halloween party~~
Just love halloween so much~~ <3 div="div">

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Year 2 start~

Back to ireland almost 1 month...
still have 20 MONTHSSSSS then i will go back to malaysia if i dont go back next year~~
it's really a long time...

Still can clearly remember that day when I am in airport alone waiting my bestie to come...
feel so touch everytime i think about it~~
sorry to let u guys jam in highway for almost 3 hours ><"
although we just meet for less then 10 minutes that time~~but i really very happy~~
almost cry when i thought u guys can't rush to airport~~
love u guys so much~~
BFF!! <3 p="p">dont miss me so much~~^^

I move into a new house this year~
it's a nice and warm house...
all the housemates are helpful n we can play anything we want^^
I think this this is a new start for me~

miss u guys~~ <3 p="p">

my bed~~love it so much~ ^^


Time to shopping~~ bought a lot of things~~

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

One more week to go~

Came back from family trip yesterday night~
Damn tired~
Sit until my ass also pain~><

Monday go c dentist
Tuesday c doctor
N maybe tmr need to c another doctor ><

Many things still haven't prepare~
Running out of time ady~
Hope I can finish all the things by this weekend~